Program design and calculation of ventilation systems

«Dva Oblaka. Ventilation» - an online program for designing and aerodynamic calculation of ventilation systems, in particular, smoke removal systems and air overpressure, developed by the company Two Clouds. The program works in the browser and does not require installation of any additional programs. At the same time, direct download of AutoCAD architectural projects in dwg and dxf formats to the program and uploading the projects executed in it back to dxf are supported. This allows AutoCAD designers to quickly switch to using the «Dva Oblaka. Ventilation».

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Architectural background

When creating a project, the Two Clouds program offers to load an architectural underlay with all project floors in DWG, DXF, PNG and other common formats, adjust the scale, specify the floors and the floor alignment point. According to the specified data, the program creates project floors, and you can begin to design ventilation systems. With any changes in architecture, you can at any time replace the architectural substrate of any floor, while retaining all the HVAC systems that you have designed in the program.

2D ventilation design

The program allows you to design ventilation systems in 2D-view on top of the architectural substrate. Choose sizes of round and rectangular ducts or draw ducts of arbitrary size for subsequent automatic selection of sizes. Select the height of the duct drawing and use the auto-connect function to automatically connect ducts at different heights. Automatically track collisions during design. For ease of design at any time, specify the angle of rotation of the project.

View project in 3D

Switch to 3D mode and back by pressing one button directly in the browser. Choose any objects in 3D, zoom in and out, move randomly around the project. In addition to the automatic collision tracking feature, check for no collisions directly in 3D. Go to the objects in the 2D plan by selecting them in 3D. Take screenshots of the project to provide 3D visualizations to your customers. Choose which systems to display on 3D, and whether to display other HVAC systems on 3D.

Inserting equipment into the project

Calculate directly in the program or insert into the project the central air conditioners, ducted ventilation systems, industrial fans, grilles, diffusers, air valves calculated by the manufacturers according to your requests. The inserted equipment has the correct overall and connecting dimensions from manufacturers and is ready for quick connection of air ducts. Also, the equipment immediately has all the parameters necessary for the subsequent aerodynamic calculation.

Aerodynamic calculation

After the system is assembled, start the calculation of the sizes of air ducts and valves and the selection of valve settings for balancing the system. Fix the dimensions of some air ducts if you do not want the program to automatically resize them during aerodynamic calculations. Set the calculation parameters, such as the desired aspect ratio of the duct, the maximum width and height of the duct, the maximum and minimum air velocity, the maximum specific loss.

Uploading results

Upload plans of constructed ventilation systems in AutoCAD in dxf format and / or in pdf format and superimpose them on the original architectural plans. Unload axonometry of any system. Both on the plan and on axonometry, the program automatically arranges native AutoCAD callouts, which you can further move and edit in AutoCAD. The Prorgamma Two Clouds automatically arranges callouts so that they do not overlap each other. Download the equipment specification for the entire project in xls format.

Smoke removal and support

Along with common industrial ventilation, design and calculate in the program Two Clouds ventilation of smoke removal and backwater. Choose the type of backwater system: lift shaft, staircase, vestibule gateway or type of smoke removal system: room, corridor Enter your parameters for each type of system and run the calculation. Pick up in the program and insert into the project fire valves, fans, backwater and smoke from different manufacturers.

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