Program for calculating ventilation systems

The program «Two Clouds. Ventilation» allows you to customize and select the supply and exhaust ventilation systems. The program calculates the cost of installation and its price and allows you to quickly issue technical data and commercial proposals for incoming requests. Ventilation systems can be selected both independently and as part of the calculation of ventilation systems in AutoCAD and Revit.

Configurator modular ventilation systems

Configure modular air handling units in the visual configurator by simply dragging the sections. You can configure automatic or manual merging of sections into monoblocks in the configurator. The program generates a questionnaire for the installation you are assembling during configuration. In this case, all entered data are saved automatically without the need to press any additional buttons.

The result of the calculation of the ventilation system

Calculate ventilation systems with the ability to view the calculation process (logs), select the required size and one of the calculated fans on the supply and / or exhaust. According to the results of the calculation, obtain drawings of the ventilation units with overall dimensions, an isometric image of the ventilation unit, as well as full technical data of each of the calculated sections and the entire ventilation unit as a whole.

Pre-configured ventilation systems

Set up in the program the ability to calculate ventilation systems with a predetermined configuration, such as compact ventilation systems, rooftops, industrial air curtains and other non-modular ventilation systems. In this case, a questionnaire for this kind of ventilation installations is generated as well as for modular ventilation installations, which allows you to set values for a complete calculation of the ventilation installation.

Downloading technical data and commercial offers

Following the calculation of ventilation systems, download technical data in PDF format and commercial offers in PDF format and / or in XLS format. With one click of a button, open the possibility of downloading certain commercial offers to your customers. At the same time, the program allows you to customize the visibility of prices, discounts and other commercial information to particular groups of users, so you can be sure that your commercial offers are visible only to those users to whom they should be visible.

Calculating the cost of central air conditioning

At the very beginning of using the program, our specialists will help you set up one of the implemented algorithms for calculating the specification for central air conditioners with the possibility of setting it up to your needs. You will only have to adjust prices and weights for components, mark-ups and exchange rates, and then the program itself will calculate the cost price of the central air conditioner and its selling price. Download the specification for central air conditioners in XLS format for further data transfer to commercial and manufacturing departments. Choose which user group the calculated specification of the central air conditioner is visible to ensure that only people who have access to it can see confidential information.

Calculation of automatic control system

According to the results of the calculation of the ventilation unit, obtain an automatically calculated control system selected directly for each ventilation unit. The program selects control cabinets, sensors, electric drives, frequency converters and regulators, mixing units in the collection or in the analysis individually for each ventilation unit according to predefined algorithms.

Setting up a program for calculating ventilation systems

Customize the program for your current tasks without restrictions. Program settings are stored in tables that your program administrators have access to. Each table can be unloaded in XLS format, edited and loaded back into the program, which significantly speeds up the process of entering data into the program. In addition, the program has an API (software interface) for communication with external programs via the http protocol, which allows you to configure data exchange with 1C, Axapta and other systems.

Unloading air handling units to Revit

Upload selected ventilation units to Revit. The family generated by the program contains all sections of the ventilation units of the correct sizes as nested families and contain all the parameters necessary for the designers, connectors for air ducts and pipe ducts of the correct sizes.

Unloading ventilation units in AutoCAD

Upload selected ventilation units to AutoCAD in DXF format. The program generates 2D and 3D models of the correct sizes and contain icons for the installation sections.