The program for the calculation of VRF-systems and systems chiller-fan coil

«Dva Oblaka. Air conditioning » - online program for the design and calculation of air conditioning VRF and chiller-fan coil, developed by the company Two Clouds. The program works in the browser and does not require installation of any additional programs. At the same time, direct download of architectural projects of AutoCAD in DWG and DXF formats to the program and unloading of the projects executed in it back to DXF is supported. This allows AutoCAD designers to quickly switch to using the “Two Clouds” program. Air conditioning & raquo ;. Also, the calculation of the selection of equipment for air conditioning, as well as the calculation of all the air conditioning systems of the building is available in the plugin for Revit under the name «Dva Oblaka. Air conditioning Revit ».

Architecture-based VRF System Configurator

The program allows you to design VRF air conditioning systems in 2D-view on top of the architectural substrate. Choose diameters of freonoprovod or draw freonoprovoda of any size for the subsequent automatic selection of diameters. Choose the height of the freon duct drawing and use the auto connect function to automatically connect the freon ducts at different heights. Automatically track collisions during design. For ease of design at any time, specify the angle of rotation of the project.

Simplified VRF System Configurator

The simplified configurator allows you to configure the VRF system in a schematic form without the need for designing on an architectural plan. Arrange the refnets and internal blocks as quickly as possible, manually set the length of the pipes and the number of turns to the elements. It is possible to select indoor units according to the parameters you specify, after which the program automatically checks the system for permissible restrictions, selects the diameters of freon ducts, models of refnets and suitable models of outdoor units and calculates the required amount of freon for filling the system.

The results of the calculation of VRF-systems

According to the results of the calculation of VRF-systems, download technical data in XLS format with specification, with technical parameters, with hydraulic circuit, control connection diagram and wiring diagram. All of these schemes are also unloaded in DXF format for insertion into an AutoCAD project.

Chillers selection

Pick up in the program your customized chillers with air (in particular, with the support of free cooling), water cooling and chillers with a remote condenser. In this case, you can choose a model with different types of compressors, fans in standard or low noise versions. You can also indicate the presence of the hydronic module in the chiller and the possible operating conditions (cold-warm or only cold). All parameters of the selected chillers are calculated on the entered conditions (air and liquid temperature, type of liquid, percentage of glycol content in the liquid, and others).

Calculation of chiller-fancoil systems

It is possible to design air conditioning systems chiller-fan coil in a 2D-form on an architectural counterfeit with further calculation and upload in DXF format. In addition, the company Two Clouds has developed a plugin for Revit, which allows you to unload the fan coils and then make a hydraulic calculation of the system with the selection of pipe diameters, fittings, valves and setting the valve settings so that the system is balanced.

Unloading air conditioning systems in AutoCAD

Designed and designed air conditioning systems chiller-fan coil and VRF-systems can be unloaded in DXF format in AutoCAD. Supported upload plans of systems and their axonometry. The uploaded DXF files contain native AutoCAD callouts, which allows designers to embed them into their projects without much work.