The program of selection of industrial fans

Программа «Два Облака. Вентиляция» позволяет настраивать и подбирать такие вентиляторы, как канальные, осевые, радиальные, крышные, в частности, дымоудаления и подпора. Вентиляторы можно подбирать как независимо, так и в рамках расчета систем вентиляции в AutoCAD и Revit. Заводам-изготовителям доступно быстрое выставление коммерческих предложений по подобранным вентиляторам.

The program «Dva Oblaka. Ventilation» allows you to configure and select such fans as duct, axial, radial, roof, in particular, smoke removal and backwater. Fans can be selected both independently and as part of the calculation of ventilation systems in AutoCAD and Revit. Manufacturers have access to quick bids for selected fans.

Fan selection

Choose the required fan type (radial, axial, roof and others), series (optional), fan design, climatic version, required operating point, allowable deviations from the required operating point, minimum efficiency (optional) and other parameters and the program will automatically select all suitable fans for the given parameters. As a result of the calculation, the fans are sorted from low-cost to high-priced, which makes it possible in the first place to give customers the most advantageous offers.

Fan chart

Get as a result of the calculation of the schedule of the fan, built under the specified operating point in vector format. Graphs in the program can be entered as polynomial coefficients, as points on a graph curve, or as dimensionless characteristics. If there are values ​​of efficiency or required power on the fan curve, then you can add them for the most complete calculation, taking into account the required capacities and restrictions on the minimum efficiency. If there is no data on efficiency or power, then the program has the ability to set only the curve of the fan graph and select the fan without taking into account the power on the shaft.

Calculation results

For the selected fan as a result of the selection, you can select the necessary options, which are chosen according to the calculation conditions you specified. The program also provides technical parameters of the ventilator, such as the actual operating point, efficiency, wheel / engine speed, shaft power, engine information and other necessary technical information. You can also attach his drawing to the fan so that it is displayed as a result of the calculation.

Technical data and commercial offer

Download the technical data in PDF format and download the commercial offer in PDF or XLS format. The technical data contains all information about the selected fan, its name, schedule, information on the selected version and options, as well as all the calculated technical parameters.

Program setting

Customize the program an unlimited number of types and series of fans. Setting up the fans in the program is done by filling in several tables that can be uploaded to the XLS format, edited locally on your computer, and then loaded again into the program, which noticeably speeds up the setting. In addition, the program has an API (software interface) for communication with external programs via the http protocol, which allows you to configure data exchange with 1C, Axapta and other systems.

Download fans to Revit

The fan selection program is available in the «Dva Oblaka. Ventilation Revit». Select fans without leaving Revit and insert ready-made families into the project. The families are unloaded in the correct sizes, contain all the necessary parameters from the manufacturer and connectors for air and electricity.