Refrigeration equipment and heat exchangers

«Dva Oblaka. Refrigeration» - an online program for the design and calculation of refrigeration equipment, including the calculation of evaporators, condensers, dry cooling towers and drycoolers, in particular, the calculation of heat exchangers of any geometry. The program works in the browser and does not require installation of any additional programs.

Selection of refrigeration equipment

The program allows you to select evaporators, condensers, drycoolers and other refrigeration equipment. To set up refrigeration equipment, it is necessary to define devices of the type body exchanger + fans.

Calculation of heat exchangers

Configure and calculate in the program heat exchanger with any diameter and thickness of tubes, distance between tubes, distance between rows, with any thickness of lamellae and with any distance between lamellae, with any number of circuits and with any sizes of heat exchangers. In this case, custom heat exchangers can be calculated under any suitable conditions for them. In the absence of the possibility of using a heat exchanger for the given parameters, the program will display the reason corresponding to this.

Fan setup

Enter into the program an unlimited number of fans for use in calculating refrigeration devices. The program has a calculation module from EBM Papst and other fan manufacturers that allows you to calculate the shaft power, the required fan power, the efficiency of the ventilation wheel, the electric motor and the fan, the noise characteristics of the fan and other necessary characteristics of the fan to be selected for specific conditions.