Plugin for hydraulic calculation of heating systems in Revit

The program «Dva Oblaka. Revit Heating» allows you to make a hydraulic calculation and balance the designed heating systems. Also the program «Dva Oblaka. Revit Heating» allows you to choose radiators, valves and other equipment without leaving Revit and embed their families in projects.

Calculation of heat loss of premises and hydraulic calculation of the heating system

Calculate heat loss using the Two Clouds plugin, while you can adjust the parameters for the calculation, such as, for example, the indoor air temperature for the room and the heat transfer coefficient of the building envelope, regardless of the architecture settings in the project. Calculate the hydraulics of the heating system. Set limits for hydraulic calculation and the plug-in automatically calculates pressure losses, costs and speeds for both network sections and the system as a whole, taking into account all local resistances, as well as will select the appropriate sections of pipelines.

Selection of heating devices

The plugin will allow you to automatically distribute the heat loss of the premises to the heating devices that are in them, as well as to select the necessary model of the heating device in accordance with the required thermal power. After calculating the heat losses, they will automatically be recorded in the properties of the spaces, then select the manufacturer and select the desired series of equipment, arrange the heaters manually or automatically (under the windows), then click "distribute the heating power to the heaters" selection of the size of the heater. "

Hydraulic balancing of the heating system

Unload, using a plug-in, various types of pipeline valves from leading manufacturers in the industry. Select the appropriate equipment manufacturer, type (thermostatic valve, ball valve, balancing valve, shut-off valve, check valve, filter, etc.) and a series of valves. As a result of balancing the system, the valve size of the installed series will be automatically selected by the plug-in, and also all the necessary technical parameters will be written to it based on the calculation, in particular, setting the valve on the scale of the manufacturer.