Plug-in for aerodynamic calculation of ventilation systems in Revit

«Two Clouds. Revit Ventilation» - plug-in for Revit for designing and aerodynamic calculation of ventilation systems, in particular, smoke removal systems and air overpressure, developed by the company Two Clouds. At the moment, a plug-in is available for download, allowing you to upload equipment from manufacturers to Revit. In the near future there will be an update of the plug-in, allowing you to do aerodynamic calculation.

Aerodynamic calculation

Calculate the supply and exhaust ventilation system. The plugin implements automatic calculation of aerodynamics, as a result of which costs, speeds and pressure losses of air flow are determined taking into account all local resistances (LIE, valve, turns, tees, crosses) both for each section and for the whole system. Carry out the selection of sections of air ducts together with shaped parts and the selection and adjustment of valves for balancing the network of air ducts.

Smoke removal and support

Automatically determine the flow rate for smoke removal systems or air overpressure, depending on the purpose of the system. For air overpressure systems: to the elevator shaft, staircase or vestibule gateway, and for smoke removal systems - from a room or corridor. Having determined the flow rate in the system, make an aerodynamic calculation. Depending on the type of system, the calculation is based on "one open valve" or on "all valves are open."

Unloading ventilation systems

Using the calculated values for ventilation systems, configure in-line ventilation systems from the right manufacturer and upload their models to the project. Families are created automatically during configuration and have all the necessary connectors and technical parameters and are entered into the specification. You can also unload the installation already calculated by the manufacturer by its ID.

Fan unloading

Using the plug-in, having the design parameters of the systems, configure and upload to the project a family of fans of various types (radial. Roof, axial, channel) and various versions (general exchange, corrosion-resistant, smoke removal, explosion-proof, etc.) from real manufacturers. The paged families have the appropriate connectors and factory settings, which are displayed in the project specification.

Unloading of ASG and valves

Upload to the project family air distribution devices and various valves, including fire. Choose the right manufacturer, model and dimensions of the ASU, set the required flow rate and unload this family with design characteristics from the manufacturer. Unload the valves in the project in the same way, while you can not take into account the desired model in advance, and decide only on the series, and as a result of the aerodynamic calculation, the plug-in will select the required model and replace it with the previously loaded into the project, setting, respectively, the necessary parameters.